Missing In Action?!

Hello everyone!

I've been away from the blog-o-sphere and posting for many months owing to my final exams and other influences. I want to apologise if you missed me and if you didn't that's a shame :( After my exams I needed time to refocus my goals for the forseeable future and take time to make certain of my decisions...

Also, I wasn't happy with the blog and failure to fully materialise the exact medium I'd envisioned. I considered shutting this blog down but now I've decided that the reason I wasn't happy was because I had intermingled aspects of the blog topics with the aesthetics of the blog that I hadn't intended. As a result, I have decided instead to start a new blog and continue with  Wonderland Closet...It took a lot of convincing... when?! I'm not sure but I will! I simply need the time to wrap my head around everything but as I'm writing this it's gone past midnight and it's officially my birthday!



Inner reflections

Who do you see when you look in the mirror? Are you being true to yourself? Is the person everyone sees the one that you want to be -is it your beauty, kindness, easy-going nature, sharp wit, the way you find joy in everything, the fact that you hold your head up even when the tears are falling? Whatever it is...Make sure that it is you.

Sessilee in Silk Cuts


...them be fighting words...

Save Anna tee - CLS; courtesy of Nyla Boutique,  Skirt - COS, Oversized cardigan - COS,  Loafers - Dorothy Perkins, Scarf - River Island


Well hello there 'Mr Porter'

For those of you who haven't heard...'MR PORTER' [the male counterpart to Net - A - Porter] was up and running publicly yesterday...I had already had a browse before the official launch and I was impressed. It's not that typical sense of job well done, this is beyond...way beyond.

The attention to detail, the look and layout all say something about the 'MR PORTER' man... I won't lie and say I'm not jealous because I most certainly am, of not a being man right now. The clothing, accessories everything they speak to a certain kind of man- the man with confidence - in himself, his attire; he's self-assured but he doesn't take himself too seriously to the point of being obnoxious. All down to quality and there was... a quality check (the eye candy didn't hurt after all who doesn't like looking [that's what I'll call it] at a handsome, accomplished well-dressed man?

The site is comprehensive in the perspectives it covers, my favourite sections 'THE JOURNAL and STYLE DIRECTORY' capture the feeling of a modern day guide to life [old and modern influences]...exploring sports, activities, style [influences, tips and current trends], men making strides in their respective (diverse) fields...You get the idea...

It's all done with the minimum of fuss but for maximum effect. And it's pretty [a clumsy way to put it but that's how I see it]- the categorisations, the imagery, simple and clear. Did I mention the good-looking men? Have a look for yourself...  


Where's Alexander?

I'm like a little kid who's just had the best, surreal-est day... After class today I rushed over to Liberty because I was...drumroll please... meeting Alexander Wang himself courtesy of LOVE Magazine. Yeah it wasn't a personal tête a tête, but it was good enough for me.
I felt glamorous and metropolitan...no matter how much I look calm, collected and mature...I still feel like that giddy teenager who dreams of being worldly darling... I was that kid today. I got there a tad late, as you do, no I'm joking the journey from class to central London was made in record time. It was a sedate event, browsing his collection (no...not the latest S/S 11 - I was hoping to get to touch just one piece...but it was still something). Some bought, I couldn't, so I made do with imagining my purchases as we all do. Everyone made an effort to look amazing but there were a few who just smashed through that glass ceiling - inventive is the only way I can describe it.

I'm not a close follower of Wang's work as I prefer more modernist, classic designs. But meeting him today - I won't gush cuz I don't. He made me smile, I was scanning the outfits in the room when I felt, this flurry of movement next to me...aaargh...Leave it to me to miss the guest of honour's entrance but I looked around and there was this kid (man) he was in a well-worn jumper (sweater to those not from Europe), jeans and scuffed Vans = everything was just relaxed, there was no ceremony, he was comfortable. That's why I smiled also his voice was just so unexpected, it took me back to the movie - Dazed and Confused [with Matthew McConaughey and Mila Jovovich]. Photos were taken and then that was it, no talk about the Mag I'm guessing I missed it, so I stayed and watched a short film of Wang's first fashion show prep [I believe - couldn't hear with the loud music from DJ booth] - the good, bad and the stressful is what it conveyed. Enough talking here are the pics. p.s: the mannequins were sporting an S&M bondage look with the collection...p.p.s: the staff on duty looked great but it was their light-hearted joking and attitude that was my little sideshow.
who's that over there?!! oh hey Alexander...We're close like that...
blouse and trousers - COS, scarf - Rokit (as seen before),  bowler - Accessorize
so, Thank you Liberty and LOVE Magazine...


Fashion Week dream

I don't blog about the shows because I am not yet in a position to attend...I don't do something for the sake of it, not to say I won't post about my faves of the entire season of the shows. Don't for a second think I'm not a part of them now, cuz I am...Just in my dreams...AND...I'll have legs like Shala...(It's my dream okay---)


‘…Let’s do it like they do it on the discovery channel…’

The new exhibit at the Natural History Museum seemed perfectly suited for a Valentine’s day jaunt with a few friends. It was eye-opening – all about the mating rituals of the animal kingdom,  I now know that there are a lot of hermaphrodites in the animal kingdom…(say whaaat!) There are many randy and extremely sexually deviant primates, molluscs, etc… I won’t spoil it for you but if you have the time go see this exhibit, it’s there till October (methinks).
My highlight was the mini-video clips of Isabella Rossellini’s ‘Green Porno’, all I will say is she’s extremely committed to her message and hilaaarious!
People always say that we’re all connected but this exhibit highlighted the similarities, differences and unique-ness of sex between us and them. I loved it! So Happy belated Valentine’s wherever you are my loves! besos, bisous…

My look for the day was a modern, classic twist with a pop of something extra--- my turban!!! A nod to the amazing-ness that is Catherine Baba.
turban - beyond retro, shirt - h & m, leggings and scarf - topshop, shoes - zara