Missing In Action?!

Hello everyone!

I've been away from the blog-o-sphere and posting for many months owing to my final exams and other influences. I want to apologise if you missed me and if you didn't that's a shame :( After my exams I needed time to refocus my goals for the forseeable future and take time to make certain of my decisions...

Also, I wasn't happy with the blog and failure to fully materialise the exact medium I'd envisioned. I considered shutting this blog down but now I've decided that the reason I wasn't happy was because I had intermingled aspects of the blog topics with the aesthetics of the blog that I hadn't intended. As a result, I have decided instead to start a new blog and continue with  Wonderland Closet...It took a lot of convincing... when?! I'm not sure but I will! I simply need the time to wrap my head around everything but as I'm writing this it's gone past midnight and it's officially my birthday!


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