‘…Let’s do it like they do it on the discovery channel…’

The new exhibit at the Natural History Museum seemed perfectly suited for a Valentine’s day jaunt with a few friends. It was eye-opening – all about the mating rituals of the animal kingdom,  I now know that there are a lot of hermaphrodites in the animal kingdom…(say whaaat!) There are many randy and extremely sexually deviant primates, molluscs, etc… I won’t spoil it for you but if you have the time go see this exhibit, it’s there till October (methinks).
My highlight was the mini-video clips of Isabella Rossellini’s ‘Green Porno’, all I will say is she’s extremely committed to her message and hilaaarious!
People always say that we’re all connected but this exhibit highlighted the similarities, differences and unique-ness of sex between us and them. I loved it! So Happy belated Valentine’s wherever you are my loves! besos, bisous…

My look for the day was a modern, classic twist with a pop of something extra--- my turban!!! A nod to the amazing-ness that is Catherine Baba.
turban - beyond retro, shirt - h & m, leggings and scarf - topshop, shoes - zara

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