Well hello there 'Mr Porter'

For those of you who haven't heard...'MR PORTER' [the male counterpart to Net - A - Porter] was up and running publicly yesterday...I had already had a browse before the official launch and I was impressed. It's not that typical sense of job well done, this is beyond...way beyond.

The attention to detail, the look and layout all say something about the 'MR PORTER' man... I won't lie and say I'm not jealous because I most certainly am, of not a being man right now. The clothing, accessories everything they speak to a certain kind of man- the man with confidence - in himself, his attire; he's self-assured but he doesn't take himself too seriously to the point of being obnoxious. All down to quality and there was... a quality check (the eye candy didn't hurt after all who doesn't like looking [that's what I'll call it] at a handsome, accomplished well-dressed man?

The site is comprehensive in the perspectives it covers, my favourite sections 'THE JOURNAL and STYLE DIRECTORY' capture the feeling of a modern day guide to life [old and modern influences]...exploring sports, activities, style [influences, tips and current trends], men making strides in their respective (diverse) fields...You get the idea...

It's all done with the minimum of fuss but for maximum effect. And it's pretty [a clumsy way to put it but that's how I see it]- the categorisations, the imagery, simple and clear. Did I mention the good-looking men? Have a look for yourself...  

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