Where's Alexander?

I'm like a little kid who's just had the best, surreal-est day... After class today I rushed over to Liberty because I was...drumroll please... meeting Alexander Wang himself courtesy of LOVE Magazine. Yeah it wasn't a personal tête a tête, but it was good enough for me.
I felt glamorous and metropolitan...no matter how much I look calm, collected and mature...I still feel like that giddy teenager who dreams of being worldly darling... I was that kid today. I got there a tad late, as you do, no I'm joking the journey from class to central London was made in record time. It was a sedate event, browsing his collection (no...not the latest S/S 11 - I was hoping to get to touch just one piece...but it was still something). Some bought, I couldn't, so I made do with imagining my purchases as we all do. Everyone made an effort to look amazing but there were a few who just smashed through that glass ceiling - inventive is the only way I can describe it.

I'm not a close follower of Wang's work as I prefer more modernist, classic designs. But meeting him today - I won't gush cuz I don't. He made me smile, I was scanning the outfits in the room when I felt, this flurry of movement next to me...aaargh...Leave it to me to miss the guest of honour's entrance but I looked around and there was this kid (man) he was in a well-worn jumper (sweater to those not from Europe), jeans and scuffed Vans = everything was just relaxed, there was no ceremony, he was comfortable. That's why I smiled also his voice was just so unexpected, it took me back to the movie - Dazed and Confused [with Matthew McConaughey and Mila Jovovich]. Photos were taken and then that was it, no talk about the Mag I'm guessing I missed it, so I stayed and watched a short film of Wang's first fashion show prep [I believe - couldn't hear with the loud music from DJ booth] - the good, bad and the stressful is what it conveyed. Enough talking here are the pics. p.s: the mannequins were sporting an S&M bondage look with the collection...p.p.s: the staff on duty looked great but it was their light-hearted joking and attitude that was my little sideshow.
who's that over there?!! oh hey Alexander...We're close like that...
blouse and trousers - COS, scarf - Rokit (as seen before),  bowler - Accessorize
so, Thank you Liberty and LOVE Magazine...

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