That special something

The grass is always greener... I always try to have a positive outlook but in these trying times it's sometimes hard to think of the bigger picture, which is why I keep a collection of Vogue and Elle UK...Don't ask me why I collect my mags, but I can't see why anyone would throw these inspirational books out...Don't get me wrong I love my classics but my self-help book isn't a 'how-to-do-it-yourself ' book but Vogue or Elle depending on who's on the cover for the month...

I take inspiration from the editorials, as most of us do for ideas about seasonal looks, but for some once they read that magazine for the month they never remember what they saw (or vaguely remember). I take inspiration from how I feel when I read them. When I read Vogue and Elle I imagine what it will be like when I'm the one with that £1,000+ coat/shoes or when I'm the one travelling to that exotic location. Sometimes it's not even the material things but the look on the model's face in a particular pose or the composition, it's indescribable these [flash in the pan] moments and no feeling or sensation of happiness is the same each time I read. How do these images make you feel? 
These two photos were me messing about trying to be professional about my favourite models and covers...

Past covers of Vogue and Elle UK 


  1. Thank you! It makes me smile every time I look at them, and I just added December issues of Vogue and Elle...

  2. great collections
    i want to buy UK editions too
    thankfully ipad makes it possible these days

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