Men and Gods

So, I've been snowed in for two days now. But I refuse to be trapped in my house any longer - seeing as I have my first * drum roll please*work  X-MAS party to attend this Sunday, and in my usual style I still don't have anything to wear which is why I've been scouring my mags and the net for inspiration. My inspiration, however, came from the unlikeliest place (uncle Karl).
 Karl Lagerfeld shot the latest Pirelli calendar and he did it with mythological excess (what else?) - who does beauty, excess and power like the Gods and Goddesses of  Roman and Greek mythology; many have tried and have yet to attain. As much as I admire uncle Karl's artistic drive and just about everything else about him, I feel that this was no lightening bolt... it just doesn't evoke that other-worldly sensation I expect from any work relating to the Gods and Goddesses. I want to be confronted by my own mortality and the limits within which I have to abide, and yet feel somehow liberated by being let into their world for a moment. I wasn't.
 It's possible that Karl was putting his own interpretation by using these models and beauties - whom we elevate to their own Olympus, and in doing so cast them into their very own mythological existence for their respective strengths. It's still something to look at and that was my inspiration, I want to be seen differently, it is after all the party season and, metaphorically speaking, I've had my hair tied up for too long.

WARNING - nudity!

Images: 1) Erin Wasson - AJAX, 2) Baptiste Giabiconi - APOLLO, 3) Daria Werbowy - ARTEMIS, 4) Iris Strubegger - ATHENA, 5) Elisa Sednaoui - FLORA and 6) Julianne Moore - HERA


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