Out of focus

I took quite a lot of photos for this outfit post and I was sifting through them for the select few that actually make the cut, and looking at this one I love, love, love the way it looks like a horribly scanned image... It's refreshing! It also reinforces the need I have for a Lomography camera (because Analogue is the future - for me at least) - hopefully the full Diana+ package with additional flashes (*hint hint*).

Oversized cardigan - COS... The structure of the cardigan is cocoon- like so I prefer it belted, otherwise I keep it unbuttoned. I don't know exactly how to describe the ribbing/ ridges effect on the cardi but that is what drew me to it -I think it's cool. I'm wearing it as a coat, for now, seeing as all the options I had for Winter coats haven't met my expectations.

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