Misty funk

I've missed blogging. There's  been no time to sit down and commit to a post- outfit or otherwise. I decided that I wasn't going to let anything get in the way of getting some time in - I took a few outfit pics for you guys last week but I think I'll only post one for the time being.

The mood behind the look was non-committal. I was having an off day, in addition to the fact that I was feeling extra cold that morning. I wanted to do something unexpected yet keep that sense of simplicity. [the best I can describe it as - my Phoebe Buffay day] Did it work d'ya think?

Jumper - I took it from my Uncle

Skirt - TopShop, Socks - Primark and Dr. Martens

P. s - I wore my COS oversized black knit cardigan  (I'll take a pic of it next time) as a coat to finish off the look.