The sands of time

It's been quite some time since I last posted, as I'm now in my third year at Uni and I don't get the luxury of rest and relaxation. My schedule is hectic. I've been reading a chapter on retributivism (sentencing and penology) for the past hour and I needed a break to let it marinate.
I tried to get an outfit post in today but there's no time to edit the pics- so another time.

As the sand settles on the time that has been my student life, I worry at what lays ahead in my future (not just for my final year research project) - where will I end up?  I used to know where I'd planned to end up after school, but now I don't feel as certain although I'm working pretty damn hard either way, and I'll do it with class and dignity. The world may not know of me as yet, but soon enough they'll want to - in the same way this woman's look tells only part of her story.
The Sartorialist

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