What are you lookin at?!

Jak and Jil

The instant I saw this it lifted my mood...You can't help but laugh!

Anyway, if you don't know...In celebration of the recent London Fashion Week and (I can't remember the other charitable cause - insert look of disdain for moi) head down to Westfield Shopping Centre for their Fashion Show tomorrow and have a peak at the rails in the 'Car Boot Sale' while you're there... They have dummy cars painted in varying colours and designs, there's one in particular that actually had me licking my lips when I zoned in on the DIVINE cupcake on the car. [I knew it wasn't real but I craved a cupcake so badly, I strutted around the corner to the cupcake stand and got myself a sumptuous cupcake...mmmm!!It was heavenly!]

So, make sure that you check out the Westfield Fashion Show!