Tipping on alligators and little rattlesnakes

Hey my fellow bloggers it's been a while, I've had so many things to tell you and share with you but I went through a kind of the unveiling moment and subsequently had my very own form of existential crisis...Reality was not intermingling well with my Wonderland.

Majority of the things in fashion that so-called "artists" promote, like full nudity and semi-nudity in photoshoots and editorials and the whole lot, all of which seem allude to the industry's celebration of beauty, the body and eccentricity in a world that is excited by the next best thing/person, re-invention and boldness. I won't go into a full on rant, let's just say I got fed up. I'm not saying these are tasteless they, simply, leave a bad taste in my mouth and I needed a break (It hasn't been easy but I'm back- and hopefully with a little more clarity and aim for myself and this blog (thank you all for reading, following and commenting).

So...Fashion's Night Out for me was a complete flop [*sofia's voice from Golden Girls* picture this: dead fish]...Caught the tail-end of Janelle Monae's performance at Gap, didn't get my manicure at Chanel (I needed that desperately), Rose (Beautiful Truth) and I felt out of our depths [and I always love the challenge and adventure of new things... dimensions]. We trodded, aimlessly to Knightsbridge for my first glimpse of Harrods (I might add, not so special). I did glimpse a sombre Thandie Newton on [I believe] her husband's arm. I guess London Fashion Weekend will make up for it.

Guess what?! I've got a very exciting fashion retail position...ssshhh! I'm keeping mum on the who and where that blog post was my good luck charm. Be happy for me!
Sad face :( my summer internship with NYLA Boutique has come to and end but never fear you just need to pop over to their website to see what's new, I'll also be in touch with the sisters every now and then.

My cousin just wrapped up a brief yet rewarding trip to London, he took some amazing pictures with my camera (I swear I'm the only one that gets o.k. images when I use it) of places in London that I've  taken for granted and never seen/visited. These select images show a refreshing side of London - they remind me of how lucky that I am to be here.


  1. your header looks great, and these pictures make me want to travel!

  2. thank you annabel...If you have the means to travel - then I say Get up and go today, I know I will one day soon. Maybe I'll see you around.