The amazing-ness of nylaboutique.com is now up and running and has been since Saturday! Remember these two? Weelll...They've been working extremely hard to bring NYLA Boutique to London, so show them some love and have a gander at the east coast/west coast flavours that NYLA has to offer.

Get on their website and check out the clothing, most of all the jewellery...

I can finally let you guys know the brands that NYLA stocks (trust me the collections will have you going back for more), but let me give you a breakdown of the designers and collections NYLA carries most of which are EXCLUSIVE, say it with me once more- exclusive to NYLA Boutique.

East Coast (NY):  
Christopher Lee Suavé - Unisex T-shirt collection

Prince Peter Collection (including some of his Mick Rock collab pieces) - Unisex T-shirt collection

nOir Jewelry - Looking at a nOir piece, especially this Bryan the Buddha ring makes me want to be a jewellery/accessories person. I still covet this ring.

Love Brigade - This pair of shorts has the most unexpected ruffle detail in the back...

West Coast (LA):
Tolani -

Left Coast by Dolan -

Bleu Feather - This dress isn't for the faint-hearted, but it makes you feel indecently and sinfully woman! Love it!

Sauce -

These are just tasters...You didn't think I'd give away all the secrets in one go, did you?! Get onto nylaboutique.com and check out the rest of the collections now!

The summer collection is here now, but a/w 10  brings new designers to NYLA Boutique and that means lots more goodies for you guys!

*All photos were taken from the NYLA website*
p.s.: Interning with these guys is going A-okay!! They're a pleasure to work for/with...