"Hermes...Do you mean M&S?"

Hello friend!

The other day I had a meeting just off Oxford street - the ole W1, and decided that even though I couldn't buy anything I could window shop. So, I sauntered ('cause that's what you do in these places, yah know) down Bond Street and had a FABU time dah-lingz gazing at the window displays in all the stores in the mini-maze. It is just that streets, cutting into and leading off one another in essentially a whole new world!

Back to business - I had two stores in mind when I'd decided to head off the beaten track...Smythson of Bond Street and Hermes. I made it perfectly okay to Smythson, but my internal GPS was on the fritz after all the glittery, shiny merchandise. ~( I can honestly say I felt like a magpie)~
 I did the logical thing and asked for directions (which at the best of times in London is risk business) and 2 out of the 3 times I sounded a lot like this " Excuse me, do you know where the Hermes store is?". Second time around - "Excuse me please, How do I get to the  Hermes store?"

Replies: ( funnily enough both times they said the exact same thing) " M&S?!" Initially, I put it down to traffic drowning out my voice but the second time I was offended and intrigued, all at the same time. Was it my pronunciation? Nope! jheez nO! Did they genuinely not have any knowledge of the store or was this some form of subliminal message to put me off rounding out my hour long wander along the boundaries of Mayfair? It was. It did.
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I went home disappointed that I hadn't had the chance to gaze longingly in the windows and then build up the courage to go in and dream. It didn't even detract from the day I'd had - a lovely day of reflection, contemplation and future promises in a soothing environment.

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