The horse is still in the gates and race has already begun

It's a crazy title right?! I like it. My previous post was a pre-cursor/ foreshadowing, if you will, to this A/Winter wardrobe post. Now, I don't make any judgements on those who don't but I find that it is a must to plan my season's key piece(s) in advance...Meaning... I see what Vogue and Elle are calling the next season looks and that includes accessories. Then I go back to the runway shows and scour the designer/ brand(s') websites - oooh-ing and aaah-ing! Wishing and Praying.  Then I make my selection of what will suit my tastes, figure, etc. and then the hunting through the high street, ebay.co.uk or vintage sales begins.

 Now that summer is basically over in my head, I'm running through the high street like a mad woman trying to find that specific coat or THHHEEE jumper and those boots or those gloves and those [ insert an item of your choice here]...The list goes on. So before summer began I already had an idea of what I wanted needed and then comes Vogue's every helpful autumn/winter catwalk report that refreshes my perspective and Oh! Well HELLO there! ELLE's COLLECTIONS book ( where have you been; and why isn't Vogue doing this better?! No offence) This book is like a colour by numbers colouring book! [ these books rocked, I was the next Monet everytime I opened those books] It's genius! and it will be with me forever decorating my future home(s)...hehe...

I've never really gone out of my way to buy ELLE and so this is something new to me, so humour me.


These mini planners (as I call them) are to me like candy is a high to a kid. Enough rambling! I'll give you the pieces I hope to purchase to fulfil my wardrobe wish this year, as funds aren't looking promising and the prices of the items I want amount to a first-class ticket to Florida, give a few £100... Yeah, exactly! Hence the title! It's a race against time to get everything and the gates are already open, and I can't even afford the race entrance fee! (haha)...

ThE most important must have for winter -
Camel Coat or Cape or Shearling jacket...I can't choose so all three add up to one item according to my logic seeing as how they each have their own suitability.
MaxMara, DKNY and Aquascutum have some great options as well for those of us who don't have the height and physique of Chloé models...
This version that Blake is wearing finds sensible balance between Cape and shearling and I know for a fact TopShop will be doing this same version...Sooo, guess who needs a this?! So that I can incorporate shearling and cape and then only have the camel to contend with...
I think Chalayan was going for broke when he designed this camel/ beige number...[the black one is YSL]...The whole look is safari-esque but this cape is too dramatic for me. The cape I've got my eye on is that sumptuous leather Céline cape, my eyes well up just thinking  knowing I can't afford it...

Remember at the very beginning I had a post about the Jumble n' Pearl vintage sale I went to...I wanted this aviator but at the time say it with me "I COULDN'T AFFORD IT..." (aahhh the story of my life) and to this day this jacket haunts me...everytime I shut my eyes it's there imprinted on the inside of my eyelids... And I knew I would've been strutting around in this and wouldn't have to worry when September came...Now, look at all the beauties circulating that make me want to shear a lamb...(I probably shouldn't have said that but it's how I feel *sad face*- tears of a clown-)
All of these jackets are "well good!" and if I promise I'll be a very, extra good girl will Santa bring me those shearling boots first-class delivery?! in say six weeks?...I need all of the aforementioned items...No explanations they speak for themselves, and don't insult yourself by asking me...

So...This post was outerwear and jackets...Next post another aspect of A/W '10 wardrobe for everlasting-ness because as you know I don't buy unless I'm sure I want it forever...And all of what I want will come back around in a few decades and then the youngsters will be thinking that I'm one stylish peer...(hehe!)

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