I'm Buzzy!!

Hello!! Welcome back to this Wonderland of mine...I have been a busy bee, hence the title (huh?! huh?! I crack myself up, don't you think?)... I've had the busiest summer, so far, I'm loving it! Waking up at those ungodly morning hours makes me want to cry but I stop and appreciate the blessings!

You're probably wondering why haven't I kept you up- to- date? I, honestly, don't know and I apologize!!!!

 I'm in the spirit of Paris Couture Week and might I say it's INCREÍBLE! (I probably sound inarticulate but who cares sometimes the best compliment is the simplest). Don't think I wasn't sniffing appreciating Men's fashion week because I was!! (*singsong*) I would give my reviews for the shows but I'm not sure you'd want that.
I've made a start on my reading list with Jane Eyre - I don't understand how I've managed to go 20 YRS!! without reading this astounding piece of literature!! It's easy to get lost in the world of books and I did just that ( I stretched it out as long as possible to read this book; it would've taken me 4hours to finish as per my voracious appetite) I didn't always agree with Jane's decisions but I understood why , sometimes I couldn't stand her but I saw her for who she was...I recommend that you spend the time to read Jane Eyre. More to come as I move on to the next book!

Lately, I've been buying clothes that are out of my usual zone of appeal...I don't know what it is but I'm opening up to colours...I wasn't close minded, I just wasn't receptive to it personally. Now, I'm injecting a few colours and I think this spread with Freya from Vogue UK Aug 2010 issue says it all! The use of colours to lighten the muted tones -  I'm doing IT MY WAY.
     Fashion Copious

P.s - I promise to get more outfit posts up regularly! And my internship with NYLA Boutique is going swimmingly, nylaboutique.com will be up soon we're working hard to to give YOU the BEST!! Amandeep and Navdeep have been so accommodating and I can't thank them enough for this experience.

I won't leave it so long till the next post!!

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