The origins of my style

This post is dedicated to my darling of a mother whose birthday is today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUMMY!!

I was reading chapter 3 - Inspirations in Nina Garcia's, The Little Black Book of Style, this chapter takes the reader through different forms of style inspiration like Music, Film, Art, Travel and other kinds can be interpreted from these headings. The first inspiration for my style that came to mind was my Mummy! (Awww) Immediately, I thought of a picture I had seen of my mum when she was around my age with a group of friends- she was wearing a multi-coloured plaid playsuit with white reebooks and thick tube socks...

The colour scheme of the plaid design could be an exact copy of the orange, yellow and green design (second from the right) and at a glance the material was probably the same kind of feel - I know for certain that it wasn't cotton, not sure .
  Now that I've given you most of the picture...Let me explain why this came to mind as Jane Cocteau's "Style is a simple way of saying complicated things."
Out of the group of people my mum stood out, her look was different from the others not just in the colours, mostly it was the way she was stood laughing at the camera, confident and knowing that she was comfortable and looked good! Her style was saying that what you see is only the beginning I'm like the colours you can't tell exactly where one ends and the other begins but it's all of the same material! (convoluted! I'm sorry it's the only way I could say it)

That is what stood out when I thought of inspiration. My mum loves clothing with colour but she also knows how and what works for her. I'll admit there were times we went out on the weekend and I was totally embarrassed ( as any teen would) with her in a jungle themed shirt that you would expect those annoying tourists to wear. (you know what I'm talking about) But she didn't care and I look back now with respect and admiration that this woman is my original style inspiration.

My mother isn't afraid of colours, she isn't afraid of a little bit (and I say little with extreme emphasis) of eccentricity for self-expression, that was all that was acceptable in JA. Today, my mum lets me do me! (do my thang! ugghhh that sounded weird) But she doesn't understand a few of my style choices and she isn't afraid to call me out on them. Most of all she knows when enough is enough!

I have memories of going to our dressmaker (seamstress to those of you who don't know this term) and I was always excited to go through the magazines and watch my mum pick out a style/ design she wanted to recreate to her specific tastes, even if it was her office uniform. I never really appreciated these visits for numerous fickle reasons but I'm happy I can say that because it still something I can take from my mum.

 Another memory that I think many girls will relate to is trying on your mum's clothes. I did that but with her jewellery and her shoes (she had a love for shoes and she still has jaw-dropping pieces of costume jewellery and playful pieces).  I gone on long enough and I have tonnes more!

The main lesson my mum taught me with her style from makeup to clothing and accessories is covered in one of her many gems that she drilled into me growing up it's taken from the bible. My mum showed me essentially that there's a time for everything; she always presents herself the way she wants to be perceived in any situation and her look never dates there's always some reinvention taking the time to learn new aspects of herself- even if it's the littlest of changes,  she knows when to make that extra effort and when to just be and let your personality do the talking, while people admire your look!

I Love You Mummy!

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