Hot off the press!! I have LOVE for NYLA Boutique

NYLA Boutique is the brainchild of the Badyal sisters - Amandeep and Navdeep, and what I know to be the next BIG thing! The name derives from the fusion of New York and Los Angeles = NYLA!! The buck doesn't stop there...Oh no! the ingenuity of NYLA incorporates THE BEST style influences of both coasts, and not just your typical NYLA fashion but the hidden (unknown) treasure troves ( the best of both!)...

I was introduced to Navdeep at a meeting for the Summer Daze Fashion Show...My first thought was that her look was effortless; it was different relaxed and cool (a cliché, I know). It's not the - I'm too cool I'm from London so I look amazing without trying (but it still feels forced look) hers is more the - I just threw this on and they're all great pieces that mix and happen to complement each other... A NYLA vibe, if you will! Amandeep is just as great- her look has a sleek and playful edge! These sisters have got something...They wanted to forge their way into fashion - be it through personal styling or a store, with NYLA Boutique Navdeep and Amandeep do both.
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Amandeep and Navdeep personally source the pieces (each season) for the NYLA online store using internationally known designers and jewellers AND those up-and-coming... They are the new Joan Burstein!! NYLA brings aspects of NY and L.A. that we don't see much of in London - well-known, the undiscovered or the overlooked...Some of the labels that they offer have been spotted on well-loved celebs...nOir jewellery!! Christopher Lee Suáve and  Prince Peter among others.

NYLA Boutique offers the individuality and the culture of NY and L.A. unconcerned with the "in crowd" and more with self-assuredness that brings a whole new level of effortless style. It is this symbol of incorporation that is the key to NYLAs  success, not to mention their prices are affordable! I suggest you get on to NYLA Boutique's website (which will be up and running in the next few weeks - I will let you know of course!) Why?! How?! I will be interning with NYLA Boutique for the summer!!! [enter here]

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