I am Woman... hear me roar!!!


 Right the girls and I went to see SATC2  yesterday...I went with the expectations that I wouldn't enjoy the movie but it was the absolute contrary...I liked it---not loved it!! It was a light-hearted girls night-out movie about girlfirends having a great time, relationships, etc... People had been saying, "oh!! it's terrible... doesn't make any sense"...and yes!! in a way it didn't after the plot of the first, but it did!! Because this was just a fun, long episode!! (yup, dropped the syntax)...Nothing too serious but plain and simple good times about women of all ages, mostly mature, (*nervous cough*...I'm sorry still a bit hung up about growing older) doing what they've always done; the girls took a long vacation that went belly up!
I had fun drooling at the clothes, shoes, men....yadda yadda. The decadence of it all was out of this world!! But where else are you going to see Liza's lean legs dancing to Single Ladies?!! and have nannies who dress inappropriately for the job?

However, I am outraged by the blatant disregard and respect of cultural boundaries and such by Samantha, what message does that send?! hmm? Yes, it's the essence of her character but that just goes to show how disrespectful and unrelenting the western culture is for any other culture...That is unacceptable. Then you can't help but laugh at her unashamed sexuality...I still like her character, a friend actually said to me in the theatre "that's you!!!" and I thought - heck yeah! she's an independent woman who speaks her mind and isn't afraid to call you out on your crap...

I have to say Miranda has never been my favourite character, not because of her attitude or anything but because she always looked the frumpiest and it seemed that Cynthia got the short end of the stick...Like wardrobe said - "oh, sorry the budget can't stretch so Miranda's going to have the dowdiest and most unflattering clothing we can find."  [note - the superlatives] Even though last movie they stepped it up a tad, she was still the worst....(P.S. I don't consider Charlotte in any equation as I could never stand her character... But she dropped down a notch below 0; in the desert with those camel toe, red trousers and that ridiculous get-up!) In this movie Miranda's wardrobe was absolutely stunning!!! I was proud... As always, Carrie's looks rocked (I'm slightly biased seeing as how she wore long floaty dresses most of the time, and they are my kryptonite)...Samantha, hard hitting in all the right ways...Charlotte, sophisticated (I love) with a bit of lunatic sometimes (not so much love)
 credits- I've forgotten the first two ( a little help?), 3 and 4

It was Maxi dress heaven!!! It was so delectable...(mmm...I was jealous). I won't comment on what everyone else has raved about like the shoes, the bags...No!! I want to rant and cry then drool over the girls' luggage!! I can't find any images and I would like some help with identifying the pieces for me, especially, Carrie's - blue vintage suitcases...


  1. Great blog!

    i liked the film too, Liked - not loved - lol so i can totally agree with everything you wrote, plus Miranda looked A-MAZE througout the film espec at the Wedding. xx

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  2. thanx...follow me!!