Wishlist - 1

Right!!! My birthday is coming up and every year I know exactly what I want and then people start asking me -" what would you like?" [freeze!!!! damn it I've forgotten!!!] switch to me saying, " ooohhhh....something you know I'd like...!"(all humble and angelic)

So, I decided to make a list of things I'd like and people can take their pick...hehe...FYI... The lists are timeless and will age and grow with me... This is my technology list...
 iPhone 4
can't decide between the white or black, even if the white one is extremely garish... And I have to say I am disappointed that the shape is lacking Apple's signature curves- I mean why is is so flat?!!

 iPod 32/64 gb

I can't decide which MacBook I'd like and in a dream world I would have all 5 just cuz...(whiny voice). It's a close race between MacBook, MacBook Pro 17" and MacBook Air, for now I'll say MacBook, Rose knows what I'm talkin about!!!

 To go along with these lovelies---I'll have a side of beatsbydre Pro headphones in white...

Disclaimer---just because I have one item doesn't mean that I can't want something new when I get bored and what do you know!!! I've had my Samsung NV8 for 2 yrs and I've been bored by my camera for a yr...Now, I can't decide between the Olympus E- P1 or E-P2 [ the former in white and the latter in Black OR!!! both].You know it's "not a compact. not an SLR. It's a PEN."  I like the look of the body it has an old school feel, which it what I lean to.

 The Samsung LE11B541 may I have it in a 26" pleeease?!!

That's all there is, there isn't anymore... [I hope you all know this line and if you don't well go watch some madeline! right now!] Actually I don't want to seem greedy and spoilt, so wait for the next post...


  1. i cannot afford 2 buy u anything 4rm tht list...
    revise ur list please!


  2. hehe!! more coming soon!! this is just one of a few, hell I can't afford to buy me something from this list for a while yet!!!

  3. yh beats by dre earphones! I'm on it...but for myself loool do you know hw much the pro ones cost...come again! Imma just settle for the solos!!! Im waitin on the next lists too lool..nyc post tho :)

  4. AnonymousJune 09, 2010

    You should be asking for a Nikon camera...they are the best!

  5. @ Anon - I know but my mind would never be able to grasp all the features...I'm slightly technicall challenged *just a teensy bit*