Rising in the Distance - Fashion At Your Doorstep

*drum roll please*... Allow me to introduce FAYD - Fashion At Your Doorstep!!!

Don’t let the name fool you! Fayd is only beginning to shine, this company is going places. Fayd is doing what the name says - bringing Fashion to your doorstep. Fayd is a new venture promoting new, independent urban and couture designers. Their star is on the rise and they will go far because Fayd is driven by passion.  The founders had no ambitions in fashion what they had was a zeal for it, they wanted to put their interest to work and what better way to do that than helping others realise their passions.

Fashion at your doorstep is the next step in building stronger ties between upcoming designers and the public taking the industry by storm. Most importantly, Fayd gives the designer and their audience a chance to embark on a life-changing experience. Fayd promotes fashion designers through platforms such as independent fashion shows. The designers represented by Fayd; some of who have no formal training, push the boundaries of innovation and uniqueness creating pieces that represent aspects of their passion, with each design revealing new depths to their art. ( I have had the pleasure of viewing some of the pieces from Hoyan Lp and I was blown away, now this isn't your usual gushing...I saw the gowns and I wanted to die for how amazing they are!) For the buyer, Fayd introduces you to a new world of individuality with collections of custom design pieces like nothing ever seen before and available nowhere else. In addition, the designs have a wide appeal, as they translate well with all audiences.

Fayd is on the rise, taking it one step at a time working to establish a name for them and independent designers one step at a time. Check out their Twitter [ enter here ] for now, to see what they are up to while their website is under construction. [ click me

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