C Grand London - " A Grand Ole Time"


This is the first of a few posts I'll have on amazing people I've had the opportunity to meet through the Fashion Show, so let me introduce you to C Grand London!!!

C Grand London is the fashion label by Charlene Grandison, the recipient of the East London Design Show's New Design award in 2009. C Grand London connotes a sense of Luxury from an era of elegance and I'm just referring to the name, however much it is a play on Charlene's name. Charlene refers to her designs as "Vintage for the Future" and you will too! Just one look at a C Grand Piece gives you that - ooh!! where is that from, I NEED IT!!! feeling... It's easy to see why the name and vision behind the designs are befitting...I mean te structure and interchangeability of her designs translate a sense of longevity, rather than a dated trendy look.

C Grand London has been expanding sinc its early beginnings in 2007 from limited collections of jewellery and accessories more specifically, bags of varying shapes, sizes and colours. Today, C Grand London has a clothing range of one-off pices including cocktail wear, casual  pieces and knitwear with a quirky twist; for  Londoners who appreciate that extra bit of eccentricity in their style.  C Grand London pieces exude a confidence deried from the character and personality of their designs, for instance one of its bags carries a mixture of leather, pony skin, patent and colour coming together beautifully!!! (you already know that I have deep love for pony skin - saw a pair of lilac flats I might have to reward myself with... sorry rambling!!)...Like an artistic masterpiece...The bag reminds me of a young person with an old soul (you know what I'm talking about!) it just stands out in the crowd of today's trends.

With the introduction of its clothing range, C Grand London will be present at the Clothes Show London this June!! So book your tickets and check out C Grand Londons booth for even more remarkable designs, and very soon the website will be up but for now keep in touch through C Grand London's facebook page [click me



  1. very cool! I get what you mean by the young person with the old soul, I agree that bag stands out and would be perfect for that type of person.

  2. Definitely!!! I'm glad you got that!!