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I don't know what it is, but lately I've been feeling as if I'm in limbo... One minute everything I imagine in my head is amazing...All my plans are coming together nicely. Then...Back to reality with a bump!!!  And NOTHING has changed (what a drag...also a cliché, but who cares) I mean it's summer and for months I had plans for plans- sounds a lot more borig than it is!! you know?!! My wardrobe, work, LIFE...The list is endless...It's only the beginning but I don't feel inspired...

I had a day out with the girlies, and I had planned to treat myself, and simply relax but by the day's end I was more wound up than down... Life isn't looking as how I wanted it, but I'm turning it into a +!!! My time isn't here yet, just gives me more adventures in the wondrous place that is my WONDERLAND...

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