Paradise Lost?! Or was it ever found...


I have been going throught the recesses of my mind and putting together a list of books to read for the summer, in addition to a few possible glimpses at next year's school books (thanks mum!! can't help myself).
There are quite a few all-time favourites that I need to go back to but some have always been haunting me...This picture instantly brought to mind Milton's - Paradise Lost. I vaguely remember a classmate of mine reading it in High School; it seemed so dark I imagined it explored the aspects of humankind which I didn't want to discover but it has always been like my personal ghost, haunting me and now I feel I am able to read and appreciate fully this piece of work.

The composition of the image speaks volumes, there's a vivid starkness with a sense of - I'm not sure... a hopelessness?!... but the colours say otherwise, almost as if there's a burning fire of some sort....So, Paradise Lost is one of many for my summer booklist. I will say this that just based on the colours I've imagined a  few pieces of clothing I would love to have in silks and jersey...

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