Miss me?! I'm back and I'm here to stay!

It has been a roller-coaster of emotions since last month. I am officially on Summer Break '10, as my exams are over!!! I had so many posts in mind, but had no time, and I knew it wouldn't have been fair if my posts weren't up to par...

So I'm a member of a group of volunteers organising a Charity Fashion Show - Summer Daze!  We've been working tirelessly since last November - to make the show a reality and as big of a success as we imagined!!! And it will be!!The show is coming up at the end of May...I don't know how to feel it's almost anti-climatic! And I don't want to feel like that!

I've been introduced to a lot of new, interesting people! Met up- and- coming designers and other people, who are as involved with the fashion world as I am; It's been amazing! I've written a few pieces on these people after spending some time with them or interviewing them for the blog (oooh!! check me out!!) and I will post them all throughout next week! But just for now, I'll give you a well- deserved outfit post for waiting for almost 1 month!!!!

I wore this to rehearsal for the show back in April...As far as I can remember it was the best weather we had had in a long time...Especially, since this weather doesn't know what it ought to be like at this time!

I have had an unhealthy fascination with braids- thick plaits that fall over the shoulder, French Braids, Fishtail Braids, Milk-maid Braids...I love them all! I tried it and fell short!! (hehe...yup! I'm back!) Overall the look was spur of the moment and you know what they say the best things are unexpected! (well, something like that at least...you get the basic idea!)