Mad blues

Right, so I've been away due to to the imminent arrival of my exams and the usual accompaniments...I'm sorry...I've had so many posts in mind but time, literally, went forward one hour and it has been moving faster ever since- there doesn't seem to enough hours in the day for me to successfully complete my daily to- do- lists (a slight demonstration of how posititvely fossilised I sound).

I saw the Bon S/S 2010 - In Budget Blues; ABSOLUTELY MARVELLOUS!! It instantly brought me back to Mad Men. Don't ask me why?! it's just the way the ole' noggin is wired...Anyhooo!!! I knew about Mad Men when it premiered but I never caught an episode till this current season (the HORROR!) I know! now that I've seen a few episodes I don't know under what rock this amoeba was living... I love it! the attitudes that are portrayed, stereotypes, the male camaraderie (everyone knows that I love to see men having fun and relating to one another, it puts everything into perspective, it is the most simplistic and easy-going thing you'll see!) I also love the female perspective in each character, but most of all WE LOVE EACH OTHEEERRR!! *had to do it* seriously its the fashion and the styling! Makes me wish I was around then!

I see aspects of Peggy, Joan and Betty in the various images...Can you imagine proper Pegs in denim or betty for that matter? but Joan definitely she could pull it off.


 The sultry feel of the Bon image with the aloof attitude is definitely strong-willed Joan with a hint of vulnerability.

  Betty...Oh what isn't there to say about Betty! She's beautiful seems to have the perfect life and a slightly sound head above her shoulders (is that how the saying goes?..who cares?) but nooo!! Betty is like an emotionally detached android with a naivety about her, almost child-like and yet not! She seems sad all the time to me and when she does look happy I can't connect with her character there's an emotion I can't identify with Betty, but I know there's a fire-cracker in there!


Peggy!! Now here is a woman who for all intents and purposes seems plain jane and boring but she has hidden depths and I love that about Peggy. There are times I just want her to go off the rails but then all that hard-earned respect would go out the window. It's also that fresh-faced but take me seriously dammit! oopmh that I completely identify with...

All of their styles amaze me!! I'd love to go through wardrobe dep't. and take my pick!

Bon definitely have a winner here!! I love denim - it's easy...it doesn't mess around with you!! but still there is a rogue-ish feel to it! totally represented in these images...I need every piece in this editorial, I'm feeling the blues!!! I'm going to post about all the shades of blue that I have a need for very soon.

credits: all bon images  

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