"We cheer and we lead. We act like we're on SPEED"

Right...It's been hectic and I really shouldn't but I am taking the time to post. I was studying the other day when my friend let me know that Bring It On was airing!!! Oh-Em-GEEEEeee! Yeah, I had to that...*eh em clears throat*. This movie is one of my favourites (that's when I do remember)...
  credit: Starz.com

There are a variable range of emotion that I go through when I watch this movie; I'm not referring to the God awful additions to the series, just the original! The undercurrent romantic tension between Torrance and Cliff, the B*sh-ness of Courtney and Whitney, the fact that throughout the movie they all seem to be at one point - a walking thesaurus (now i'm not sure if that was just because it was after SATs, but that was a tad weird and yet extremely helpful)...Among other things this movie just has a light- hearted feel!

The styling in this movie was outraaageous!! but I loved the quirky outfits...I saw a few bits and bobs I would nick in a heartbeat (also, a show a used to watch waaay back in the day on Disney!)...But the one thing that I totally remember being into was the platform heel!!! I so had a pair, but they were bought for the purpose of my love for looking like the Spice girls( in particular Baby)... (All white + denim = a kinda clog platform; sounds ugly but it was beautiful! *singsong voice*), a friend of mine had referred to them as tacky!!!! At the time I wasn't sure what it meant but I knew it wasn't good...But who cared...NOT ME!!! I can see them working now with a breton striped top and any trousers/jeans/shorts/skirts...AAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhh!!! I want my shoes back!!!

I got CHEER!!! I got the What...the what,what,What,What!!! oh-E-OH-E-o...ICE ICE ICE!!!
   credit: allmoviephoto.com

It was just what I needed * (right!! see what I did there?)*, I'm feeling fine, I'm right on time I know I'll get my wayyyyyhay!!  And yeaaaah!! Blaque ivory!!! on my youtube playlist!!! mmmhhmmmmm!!! It's true!!

Definitely a great watch, and if you haven't seen it your key developmental years were lacking!!


  1. i remember platforms!
    theyv got a cloggy type platform comin in this summer!