We're all Gold on the inside


I was doing research for possible dissertation topics when I came across this image on the Chanel website and I felt I should share it. The story behind the boxes is both touching and inspiring - they were gifted to Coco Chanel by the Duke of Westminister.

The interior of the boxes are GOLD! whereas, the exterior are of a less "precious" metal. The understated luxury of the boxes taught Gabrielle an important lesson that being a person ought to have something "which exists only for oneself...it remains hidden"... A kind of don't show all the cards anthem, is how I interpret this. Most important also is Coco's belief that "Elegance comes from being as beautiful inside as outside".
This is why I love Chanel because that is the school of thought from which I have tried to mould how I feel, breathe, eat, live. And that was even before I knew who Gabrielle Chanel was and  had a slight clue of fashion and what it represents. That is basically why I love the things I do - for example, look at the surroundings in the photo it connotes a certain sense of opulent beauty... Okay, I've rambled enough for now back to work.