Just Geometry

After beating the books for the past 10 hrs... (not that i'm complaining or anything) I needed to clear my head for a bit so I started my weekly blog roll call, and was struck by how Anja's poses reminded me of a GeoMetry lesson...Aaaah!!! fun times...*there I go demonstrating my Dweeeb-esque-ness*

Anja's shoot with Hedi S for Vogue Pah-rees...The imagery is simply beautiful (cliché I know) I love simplicity...It's the deep baritone in a sea of soprano's...

So!What did you see? I spotted an anomaly...


  1. beautiful photos
    your blog is very nice

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  2. love the top photo but I haven't thought of math in years ;-) great little bubble of a blog you have here to add to our little blogworld.