walking all over you!

I've been listening to lectures in an effort to supplement my revision- you know that whole sub-conscious theory...yadda yadda! When I had to pause it, as it hit me...My mind went into a tailspin and all thoughts of proprietary estoppel blah blahbl simply faded...I haven't bought any heels in a while and every pair I had seen on the blogs, in the lookbooks, on train, in the streets came rushing back. So I took a break! As a fantasy moment started...
I found a few that made me drool and groan in frustration...Ohhh, the torture!!! Eventually after the tears went away...I started to feel sane then elated as I began to imagine myself in my wonderland closet of shoes... where everything is organised in accordance to colour, designer, height, style, function, etc you know how I like it daahhhlings...OooooooohhhHHHH!!!mMMMmmmm...

Credits: 1-2 // 3-4 // 5// 6-7

p.s.: there was tonnes more but break time is over...So I just gave you a few to salivate at! I love The Finsk wedges (3-4) especially, but knowing myself if I had to choose it would be hands down the Givenchy boots (1) with the Lanvin (6) a close second...That's if I had to choose!! But nah nah nah nah nah!!*yes that was childish but so what* It's my fantasy and I shall have them all!!


  1. i'm especially in love with the first pair and the bedazzled heels. amazing.


  2. wow wee, i like da last one!