Usually I like to deal in facts, I like to analyse the Ys and the Whats...I can't explain my love for Anna Dello Russo. She has a pure and unadulterated LOVE for fashion.
Everytime I see a photo of A.D.R. I get a rush. In every photo I have seen of Anna she exudes a regal serenity (understand?) and you can't help but stare- I dare you to go through a few photos of Anna, out and about, and I promise that there is almost always someone staring at Anna. You can read the emotion on their faces varying from: What  is she wearin?, she looks crazy!, OMG!! she looks amazing, a living work of art!!, the list goes on... Whatever the emotion Anna evokes - the electricity you sense in the atmosphere around her is intense. I will have a wardrobe that can stand next to A.D.R.s. one day!

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