It's not you, it's me...

I have a serious problem with commitment...
I don't do things by halves. If I plan to do something I plan around whatever it is so that I am fully prepared...For instance, I don't own a planner because I NEED a Smythson but for now I'll settle for a Filofax and I don't even have that so I do without. That is the kind of person I am...

The real issue is my lack of confidence in my commitment to my coat...I don't understand what the problem is...It was always a dream of mine to own a FUR coat (Gasp...oh no! Yes!!) Growing up I dreamt of closets filled with minks, chinchilla's - you name it...To some people that sounds distateful and immoral, etc...That's your opinion. Even before the whole trend for fur hit last year, I had decided it was time to commit. Plan = Fur coat + Faux fur coat...All summer I raged a bidding war on Ebay, all of which I lost...The fight made me more determined - I was going to have my coat by the autumn, summer ended autumn came. I had to have my very own fur coat...If I didn't have the real one I couldn't get the fake. Duh! Then finally I came upon one, it wasn't my ideal coat but it was amazing...I still wasn't 100% committed but I jumped in...

When my coat came I felt like a new mother...I was proud of myself, of the coat (MY coat) and that the world would see me in my coat. I wore it feeling happy (the luxurious pelt thick and beautiful) then I came to the realisation that this wasn't MY Fur coat...This wasn't the coat I had dreamt of,  what I had fought for in my head! I felt intimidated everytime I wore the coat. So I stopped wearing it and as the weeks passed I knew that I would have to sell it and get back to finding MINE.


When I wore it I felt as if I were on of those women you watch in Lifetime movies who were given the wrong child at birth and through intuition never connected fully with the child...Dramatic I know but that's how I truly feel.

  You see the way Anna and Carine are one with the fur...(oooh that was cheesy ) I need that!


  1. R.I.P rabbit.
    she had a good run


  2. Wear it -- the issue is inside your head. Others either won't notice, or will appreciate it. The small percentage who don't are pinheads, and can keep their opinions to themselves.

  3. Very good advice but no has castigated me for wearing it...In fact they have been supportive and there is no issue with everyone else's opinion with the coat but my own intuition that there is a more suited one for me...

  4. ur lesbo obsession with 'the Annas' is at an all time high loool... but their fashion is fabulous sooo I cant really chat...:D