Unexpected development

Yesterday, I had to go out to class and I was dreading the cold; the previous day my feet had literally frozen and the journey home was an interesting experience with me having no control and feeling in my feet, so I just grabbed pieces from my wardrobe. The overall look wasn't unexpected, as it came to me as I saw the pieces but I felt like a million bucks especially when I went out and saw it was windy, as well as, bitingly cold...I laughed at the people who hadn't thought to dress weather appropriate -  I saw an insane person in a jumper with no vest on, I might add, it was so thin I could see the goose pimples on their chest...Oh! it gets better someone was wearing sandals and I saw their toes going purple!!

Not sure why I was standing like that but it looks ridiculously hilarious!

Let me know what you think...Don't you feel extremely excited throughout the day when your outfit is a triumph?


  1. wat is it with you and vests!!!!!

  2. errm...It keeps you warm and its supposed to be the first layer under your clothing in these freezing times!

  3. hells yeah!

    (our wood walls r good 4 somethin!)