Charity begins at home...literally!

More than a year ago my uncle was clearing out his closet for our annual household charity contribution and I spotted this white shirt in the pile, so I had to take it and a few other things out. (sorry!)
I'm generally the person who goes the the donation piles for new additions to the closet, and with my family it is most likely vintage as they're hoarders; I have dove into the trash when a chain belt, circa 80s, was thrown in...

I appreciate the potential that clothes have in contributing to a distinctive look. In this case, the neckline - I'm not certain of the technical description (military or frog-line something), but I felt that there was was just something there and those three buttons were the cherry on top. I was going for a timeless look juxtaposing masculine with feminine accents.

[sorry in advance for the background distractions, i.e. curtains and coatigan, I was being adventurous with the camera without a tripod] and as I am technologically challenged I have failed to master the photo-editing software to tell the story through seamlessly with the photos.It'll have to be the boring blogger photo layout for now.

shirt- charitable donation, necklace -TopShop, belt - COS and vest and leggings - H&M



  1. I like this look it's simple yet classy. Plain white dress shirts are always a must. Nice outfit.


  2. Exactly the look I was aiming for.