I live in my infinite world of dreams where there are no limits, only endless possibilities...I see what I want... what I need... I see what should be or ought to have been for you and me... my very own Glass Menagerie...  I'll take you along with me .
La Dame du Lac
Jun/Jul 2010 


The etherealness of this spread spoke instantly to me, the stillness, the story each image protrays with each detail...I feel represents me...I feel every ray of sunshine on my face...every raindrop...every snowflake.

There is an elegant poise in my every motion...I stand tall, my very presence resonates my appreciativeness of all things...As beauty is in the eye of the beholder...I am unapologetic for my words, thoughts and actions - it doesn't matter that I am different, I am only sorry that you fail to appreciate what makes me me...

I speak volumes in everything that I do, say or wear...It may appear as though I say a lot, but I say very little. Those closest and dearest to my heart will hear... You will try to listen, but you will only hear what it is I want you to.