Back in Black: Summer Daze


Well friends tomorrow or rather TODAY is the big day!!! Summer Daze Fashion Show, in aid of the Community Cancer Centre in Yiewsley is this evening...The culmination of SIX months work, and I feel like an expectant mother waiting anxiously for the delivery... wanting...wanting to meet this new life!!! 

From the first time myself and my friend Rose  were introduced to Kelly Cutrone (yup!! had to go large) in The Hills we adored her, feared her and respected her...You learn simple things from watching Kelly, and sometimes you think that is too excessive OR isn't that being too harsh?! NO!!  that's what I say... I now see from the limited experience I have had - her no nonsense, straight - to - the -  point attitude to work is necessary.   

From being a part of this amazing experience- I'm not sure...You tell me!! I think I love being in PR, I would love the opportunity for Kelly's tutelage...It has been a whirlwind these past few months with planning, organising, promoting, selecting...etc, the list is endless...Sometimes it felt as though everything was ripping at the seams ( I would question my sanity), but I had a lot of fun, met amazing new people, learned new skills...I wouldn't trade it for anything!!! I'm an adrenaline junkie ( and oh,,, how I've had to be!) - later on today I'll be having one the best highs so far!!

So, I'll take a leaf or five out of Kelly's book; figuratively not literally (duh!! but that could have been a good joke!!), and stay positive, be firm but fair...Most importantly do it all in black - can't go wrong there!!! 

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