Jumble adventure

I've been waiting for a few people to get back to me on whether or not I have their permission to use their photgraphs...(not going to name names and, it's only because I know they are extremely in demand therefore fashion week mania is priority). A post pipe dream for now.

My friend at http://miserablebeaut.blogspot.com found a pop-up vintage sale namely, Jumble and Pearl's Vintage Jumble Sale, today at the Horatia Pub on Holloway Road. Rose from http://realityofamisfit.blogspot.com/ came too.

It was quiet when we got there so we got a good scour through the rails of clothes - I spotted this gorgeous Isabel Marant silk, dress sadly it was out of my price range...The jumble was a mixture of designer and high street, some of them not so great.

A great piece from one of the rails...(I had already planned an outfit around this piece when someone had the gall to take it, I mean I was looking at it!) 
I saw this and pictured myself in the 90s at middle school somwhere in midwest america...Too cool! 
 These pony skin boots were actually calling out to me... I seem to have a thing for anything of this make/material (whichever)...Sometime ago, I was sitting next to someone on the tube who had a pony skin satchel - (I imagined it was mine and all the things I would carry in it, what I would wear, you name it that satchel was mine for the next 5 stops.)  
 I know this is random, at least for me but I hadn't seen one of these I-zone camers since I was in High School... (Picture a time when iPods will be like this...Telling the younger generation about these iPods and watch their faces as they humour you- not knowing or even caring, or scoff at the crazy stories you tell.) 
 I got this YSL makeup bag.


  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
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  2. why thank ya!!ahh my first comment, i'm so excited!!