The days of yesteryear

I've been listening to Justin Bieber songs for 5 days straight...I am not ashamed, and I won't feel 'un-cool' under your scornful scrutiny I know you listen to his music and you know every word to all his songs.
I don't know what it is about him, a 16yr old boy that captures my attention  intrigues me, that should sound less inappropriate. I think listening to his music conjures up the feelings that I had when I was growing up and listening to Aaron Carter [Aaron's Party - Come Get It] (Yes! I said it, I know...we're not even gonna talk about that) and just out of the phase of N'Sync and the Backstreet Boys going into 3LW - (I still sing their songs, I won't lie).

It's that innocence and I can't exactly express it but its the youthful naïveté, singing about something of which you really and truly shouldn't as your life experience can't comprehend but you think you do, and as the listener can relate. I felt that for every song I sung those emotions were something I went through in that moment in time. It's something I still do, which is why Justin Bieber makes me smile...The first song I heard was his One Less Lonely Girl I thought the video was unrealistic with a 12 yr old boy running around town giving a girl gifts and ending up on a date, seriously the only dates you remotely had at that age were group outings...


Alonzo lerone did a video review on his Baby song and brought it all back to me...Oh, to get back to the days when your world was care-free! Baby baby baby oh!! like baby baby baby, no! Justin is sooo adorable...The video is simply fun and relaxed...


And because I know you're dying to hear these again...Something to whet your appetite for the days long gone

I remember where I was when this first aired on Disney (can you guess?!)


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