Combi - delight!!! Happy Father's Day and Wishlist 3

I'm back!!! No more Royal Ascot!!! Do you know what that means for me?! No more: waking up at 4am!!! I can recuperate after a hectic week of 12 and 13 hr shifts!!! So, I 'm watching Napoleon Dynamite while posting (oh!! sweet times!!), then some of my beloved - My Girl...

I just wanted to wish the greatest man in my life, the man that means the world to me a Happy Father's Day. My dad is the most amazing man, he is extremely hard-working, understanding, there aren't enough descriptive adjectives to gush about my love and the gratitude I have for all the things he's done for us... Just hope he's taken the day off ( fat chance, but here's to hoping) and having a nice day all for himself.

Now it's wishlist time!!! ASOS!!!! The next 2 wishlists are all about  items I need and want from ASOS... Let's start with jewellery and accessories... I'm the kind of person who loves seeing jewellery and accessories, especially on other people but I never seem to want any myself, more to the point I never find ones that I want. Here goes!
  These Engraved Metal Leaf earrings remind me of a pair my mum had when I was younger, which inadvertently lost - they were her favourite!! go figure!, So, I'm thinking I want 2 pairs - one for me and one for mum!
 I have always loved elegant images of angel wings and this Asos Angel wing ring is one to add to the collection...Or I could have the alternative this CC Skye Gold Crystal Angel Wing ring 
 One of my undying loves is the knuckle duster ring, or the double finger ring... LC had one with her name, but I don't think I want to be walking around town with my name on my finger!! but I love other kinds so I'll have them instead please...
 All of these rings I love...P.s.  my ring size is Small... But I prefer the Bonjour ( to go along with my francophilia!) and Legend rings.

 I love this Penny Sovereign ring - it looks like a vintage find...
  Oversized Rhinestone ring with elephant engraved shank is absolutely dramatic - I love it!!!
 This Asos love ring is to sweet for words... I need it!! It's simple and it would sit nicely on my finger!!
In my second wishlist I put up a timex substitute for my Piaget desire...But this is my ultimate substitute - I have been wanting it since last year but it disappeared a while back on the site...But it's back and I want it!!!
 This Asos Rose Gold Effect Retro Style Oversized watch is one that I must have!!
Then there's this lucky piece for those times when you're feeling unlucky...So, I'll always have good luck charm with me I want this four leaf clover beauty!

I love sunglasses! I started building a collection of them but I had lost inspiration with the pieces I had been seeing in the stores!
  These oversized Cates eye sunglasses are amazing - reminds me of the olden days!! I'm talking way back when...
The trend for clear geeky style glasses was cool and it's still going...But I haven't seen any that I've wanted until now...Ta-da!!!
  Pieces is a new brand I'm seeing on Asos and these clear glasses are doing it for me, their bags are also something else!! So hello Pieces!!
 These Fade to Clear geeky specs are also on my radar...
I know it's retarded to have wishlists for the last minute, but you know what it's my wonderland and I'll do as I please!!!

P.p.s- I've got an exciting post for you guys that  have been dying to share, and it's coming this week...Xxxtra xtra read all about it!!

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