Acting the fool...

I don't know if many of you experience this feeling but I ABSOLUTELY love the fall; the variety of ways to style your look = Layering...that being said... I know designers tantalise you with amazingly [easy] summer looks that are forever being reinvented, and it never gets old...And being the mere mortal that I am always says to myself, "YEAH!! It's a breeze!! just a few classic pieces in light and understated colours OR the deep rich earth tones (cuz those are my fave..so [insert your choices here]) and I'll be a SMASH HIT this summer..."

Then the days when the sun is at its brightest come, and I am the worst coward of the heat you will find..(says the girl from JAMAICA!).So, I throw on the shortest skirt and a tank top/ tank top and shorts/ jeans (and the jeans are pushing it!)...Or a shirt dress...Et voila!! Out goes my dreams of the perfect summer wardrobe, and I act FOOL, as my mind loses all thought of the simplicity of elegant warm weather wear and jumps staright to the - oh jheez!!! I can't take this... But not this year or EVERRR AGAIN for that matter...I am slowly building up pieces for my summer wardrobe this year and I will be a slave to the sun no longer!!

Have a look at some images that speak to how my wardrobe will be this Summer...It wouldn't hurt either if I had some eye candy on my arm too (hehe)...
L'Officiel Paris - Jun/Jul 2010