"You'rrrre all late forrr Tea!"

My friends and I decided to host a tea party where we would drink tea, eat cakes and be merry!! Can you feel the love?! Everyone contributed it was fun...R.Paris at I'm A Misfit.But That's OK... made cream cheese and cucumber sandwiches, a delightful triple layer cake decorated in the most playful and scrumptious way and Iced tea (which she later added a few secret ingredients ...Ssssssh!!)

 Rose at The Beautiful Truth of a Misfit made mouthwatering cupcakes (saying various diffrerent things- my contribution to sayings UOIEA; the vowels backwards as per the caterpillar's song from the classic Disney Alice in Wonderland), chocolate chip cookies and jam sandwiches!!!
Yours truly made a Devil's food chocolate cake, my signature food for any occasion, I also made chicken sandwiches, I ran out of chicken and then improvised with cheese...We also had mini pizzas, Green tea, an assortment of flavoured crisps (potato chips to my friends elsewhere)...It was a weight watcher's NIGHTMARE! Yummmm...After snacking and picking at food throughout preparation we barely made a dent in the wide selection of food we had. It was a success (Modern Marie would be proud of us).It brought back memories from when I was younger and I used to use my mini stove to create inedible foods for a spread for the occupants of my dollhouse.
The tea party was a prelude to our viewing Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland, but I'll post about that tomorrow including what I wore.

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